Presentation “Lia Manoliu” Athletics Hall

The Main Hall was completely renewed during the Winter 2014 – Spring 2015. The track is top condition and all the other facilities are also top, mint condition.

The main hall is composed of the following sectors:

  •     Sprint sector – 60m x 8 lanes
  •     Long/Triple Jump sector – 45m approach run area
  •     High Jump sector – arranged in the Sprint sector (left and right side jumping)
  •     Pole Vault sector – 45m approach run area
  •     Round track – 4 lanes of which lane 1 is 184m long and lane 4 is 200m long

Note! The round track has a total length of 184m on lane 1 and this creates difficulties to athletes for sprint events of 200m and 400m. All other events are not affected by this size.

The Main Hall includes also auxiliary areas like:

  •     Locker-rooms (men, women) including showers and toilets
  •     Call Room area
  •     Medals ceremony area
  •     Results display area
  •     Administrative area


The Main Hall has a capacity of 400m seats (14 rows x 18 seats + 12 x 12 seats plus the upper area lodge).

Pictures of the Main Hall are available in the following album.

Main Hall - General View Main Hall - Lodge Main Hall – Call Room Main Hall - Entry to the Track Main Hall – Medals Ceremony Area Main Hall – Entry to the Track from Call Room Main Hall – Horizontal Jumps Sector (two lanes) Main Hall – Electronic Timing Cage Main Hall – Seats on the Right Side (14 x 18 seats) Main Hall – Seats on the Left Side (12 x 12 seats) Main Hall – Entring the round area track Main Hall – Exit from round area trackShot Put Throwing HallWarm-up Area