A word from BAVA

Dear athletes,

Welcome to the second Balkan Veteran Athletics Championships Indoor!

I am glad to see that most masters in athletics are again ready for starts. Almost 500 (five hundred) representatives of 10 (ten) countries from the Balkan region are here to prove that they are still good sportsmen, and that age does not matter. And to continue the tradition of the Balkan Indoor Games, the wonderful beginning of which was set last year in Istanbul.

Welcome to the old friends, and to the new rivals, for whom the challenge to win victories and medals begins now.

Congratulations and special thanks to our hosts from the Romanian Athletics Federation, and especially to the masters, who offered again to us their hospitality, as well as their wonderful sport facilities, so that we can create another festival of athletics.

Show your best! Be fast, strong, and, most of all, honest and fair on the way to victories and records. Because more important even than victory remains friendship.

Good luck to all at the Balkan Indoor Championship Bucharest 2016 (two thousand and sixteen)!

Zdravka Yordanova,
Interim President BAVA